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Everyone has a favorite style. Perhaps it's a color theme or design genre from a particular time period (like the 1930s) that just looks right to you.

Class transcends these personal preferences. Web designs "with class" will welcome viewers of all tastes with quick navigation and responsive download times. Pages should be thematically consistent and visually engaging with a link hierarchy that is logical and intuitive. Key content feels right at your fingertips.

By definition, great design is functional. If you have to search for links, or stumble through the content, class is definitely not present. If you are assaulted by flashing graphics, rotating logos and bouncing icons, rest assured someone is having fun at your expense, and that's not class.

Great design is inherently simple. But beware! It's much easier and cheaper to slap together a site worthy of Vlad the Impaler than of Bach. Delivering information rich content in an intuitive, appealing manner takes effort, and experience.

Find a web designer, not a producer. Genghis Khan could code an HTML page (theoretically). Very few "webmasters" actually design a web site with all the elements of class in careful, balanced harmony.

Great code does not make a great site. Code is the engine of every web page. If you want to get ahead on the information superhighway hire a navigator, not a mechanic.

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