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With the web's incredible flexibility and potential, budgetary constraints are the effective limit to what your site can do. There are few hard and fast rules about web site design, and pricing is no exception. Please, keep in mind that my per-page estimates are a tool for dream evaluation only; they aren't applicable to many development situations.

  • A basic 5 page informational site that functions as an on-line brochure ranges from $1,600 to $2,000. See sample (will open in new window)
  • A larger informational site with static content starts at about $2000. As a rough calculation, about $300 a page for the first 12 pages is customary – this includes a customized response form and complete graphical interface design. See sample
  • A mid-sized site with 10 static pages and 4 dynamic pages (but not database driven) would be priced at $3000 for the static pages, and $600 for each dynamic page, for a total of $5,400. Of course, as more pages are created the cost per page, static or dynamic, may come down considerably. See sample
  • A larger site with a database-driven content engine may allow 300 pages to be produced for $15,000, not $90,000, an effective per page cost of only $50 per page. See sample
  • Often customers need a modest site design, but with considerable database backend support. For instance, a database driven ordering system which tracks customer preferences and generates inventory requests could only have 7-10 pages, but cost $6000, an effective per-page cost of $600. These wide variations in scripting support, make complex sites impossible to price without specs in hand. See sample

As always, I'd be happy to review your web needs and prepare a customized cost estimate – even if you eventually choose someone else.

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