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I was working as a commercial photographer when the manager of my division came to me with a box. "Here," he said, "you're the photographer, why don't you figure out this program and let me know if it's worth keeping." The red and white box was Photoshop 2.0.1, the manual was less than an inch thick, the year was 1991.

Thirteen years of design, print and photo manipulation experience has taken me through many job situations: from print shop plebe to service bureau technician to prepress instructor to independent consultant (1996). As the internet evolved into a useful tool, my skills were a good match with the needs that persist in the industry – sound graphic design, excellent presentation and sensible implementation. See my design philosophy

A few of my clients:
  • Afognak Native Corporation
  • Alaska Office of the Governor
  • Alaska Lieutenant Govenor
  • Alaska Pharmacy Association
  • Alutiiq LLC
  • Pacific Russia Information Group
  • Alaska Manufacturing Contractors
  • The State of Alaska
  • Meridian Management Inc.
  • Sakhalin-Alaska Consulting Group
  • Fiscal Policy Council of Alaska
  • Northern Printing, Anchorage
  • The City of Anchorage
  • The Green Star Program
Skill areas: interface design, graphics production, PHP scripting, including relational database design and interfacing. I create in a 100% Microsoft free development environment using Adobe products, OSX, Linux, FreeBSD, Apache, MySQL and PHP 4.

A list of third party references is available upon request.

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