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Last Five

  1. Pop-up menus – the "power" of styles allows web builders to create pop-up menus when you move over a link. Oh joy! How would you feel browsing a magazine rack with mousetraps set underneath very other issue? Power can be abused.
  2. Pop-up windows – with a few lines of java, a web creator can cause small (or large) windows to open on top of your current browser window. Most of these are closed before the content is even displayed. Kind of like brushing flies off your foccacia. Appetites sour.
  3. Text links – are vital to mobile users, those with very slow connection speeds (like overseas travelers) and users paying by the byte at internet cafes. Also, many experienced users will begin to navigate your site before the graphics ever load, if they are given the tools.
  4. No phone numbers – despite the new economy, many users come to your site for one purpose: to find your phone number. If you don't want to be pestered by your customers, bury your phone number on a back page somewhere. That'll keep the phone from ringing...
  5. Search feature – this is at the bottom of the list only because it applies to larger sites (50+ pages). Many experienced researchers depend on this basic tool to quickly uncover the gem of information they came for in the first place. Let them seek, and find.

I am a student of Jakob Nielsen's web design philosophy and echo some of his observations (and disagree with others). You may learn more at

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