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You may have poured your heart and soul into your site, but the average surfer from Tulsa just doesn't care. If you make viewers work, or wait, they are gone.

  1. Long download times – few users will wait more than 15 seconds to see your first page. Broadband is the future, not the present. This page is 14k.
  2. Animation – looping logos and jumping mailboxes insure that only those determined to read your content will make the effort to screen out the action. Imagine doing research in your local library with Mrs. Smother's third grade class having a pogo stick race between the bookshelves.
  3. Splash flash – even if the Flash viewer were installed on every computer, animation is a sure way to lose viewers. Seeing your logo dance around the screen may bring a tear to your eye, but it will make you viewer's scream, and leave.
  4. Color-mania – there's a reason every newspaper in America uses black ink on white paper. That neon green text might contrast well with the violet background, your viewers will be squinting, and looking elsewhere.
  5. Clutter-mania – eyes follow the path of least resistance. Place your content in clear blocks and draw your users into and through the copy with bolded subheads, bullet points and short, concise sentences.

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