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Hi, I'm Peter Torkelson. I offer outstanding service and superior design quality for less than a traditional advertising agency. How?

  • Instead of paying rent for a marble palace designed to impress clients, I work from a fully networked home office – no receptionist, no coffee, no dry cleaning, no toupee.
  • Instead of charging you for keeping and feeding a full-time design team, I have established an informal network of design and production experts – all the creativity, none of the schmooze.
  • Our relationships are based on trust, experience and the common desire to excel without having to punch a clock. We're good enough to stand on our own and flexible enough to get your job done on time, anytime.
  • Try calling a competitor at 5:30pm on Friday; you'll find that our entrepreneurial spirit redefines customer service.

What do I mean by superior design? See site samples

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